When we acquired the SOL: Exodus IP early last year our initial plan was to just make some improvements to the original game and release it on the Playstation 4.  Easy peasy, right?  WRONG.

For various reasons we were forced to abandon our original plans and ended up making something far, FAR more ambitious (for our tiny team).

We remade the entire game.

What exactly does that mean?  Here’s a bulleted list of everything that changed.

– Rescaled all our ship assets

– Completely redesigned the COD Carrier to make it far more menacing.

– All new visual FX.

– All new music and sound FX.

– All new VO and story featuring some returning and new talent.

– Revamped our game mechanics (ship energy management, wingmen orders) and flight physics. 

– All new flyable ship fully integrated in the campaign.

– Over 20 missions – built from scratch – to take advantage of our new game systems,

– Multiple types of missiles.

– Countermeasures

– Full gamepad support

– All new (absolutely gorgeous) environments.

– All new space stations.

– New medal system to promote replayability

– Reworked our AI to make them far more dangerous.

– Every aspect of the game has been rebalanced


This really was a massive undertaking by all parties involved.  However, even though we’ve officially launched on Steam we’re not done yet.  In a week or so we’ll start talking about our next project (as well as continue supporting The Battle of Sol) so please stay tuned to our Steam forums and this website.

We’re just getting started.  🙂



Everything’s New!

Our original goal with this project was to simply take the original game and improve upon it.  We had planned to improve game mechanics, add a few new missions, and improve visuals.  But as work progressed we began to realize that our original plan wasn’t bold enough.  Our first game from this new studio had to be something we were immensely proud of.

So here we are just over a year later from when we started and we are nearing the finish line and I wanted to share with you what we’ve done.

People have asked us what’s new about this game.  Well the more appropriate question should be what isn’t new?  Some ships, textures,and the game engine is about all that remains from the original game.

Here’s a list of game improvements / new features:

1) Every single mission (of which there are now 21) is brand new.

2) The flight physics has been completely reworked.

3) Environments have been revamped.

4) Visual FX has been greatly improved.

5) All new VO (featuring a fantastic cast) has been recorded to accompany the new missions.

6) All new music and sound FX greatly enhance the aural experience.

7) All new game mechanics including sub-system management, sub-system targeting, wingmen orders, and missile multi-lock.

8) All new pilotable ship fully integrated into the campaign.

9) Mission branching!  Yes, some missions change based on events that happened in previous missions.

10) AI has been drastically improved!

And really so much more.  Every aspect of the game has been either reworked, improved, or completely changed.  We hope to share a video showcasing some of these improvements in the weeks to come!



Steam Early Access!

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Wow, it’s been far, far too long since we posted an update.  My apologies.

As the title suggests we just released a build on Steam’s Early Access program.

This program allows the community to get in on the ground floor and help mold the future of the space genre.  All feedback will be responded to directly within the Steam forums.


Second Chances

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Have you ever wanted to go back to a project and fix mistakes?  Opportunities like that don’t come around very often but when one does grab it by the horns, so to speak.

But I’m getting ahead of myself; let’s travel back in time to January 2012.

Most of us at Bit Planet Games were working at Seamless Entertainment — a small indie developer — based out of Austin, TX.  We had just released our take on the space shooter genre, SOL: Exodus, for Steam.  It was met with a fair share of criticisms (many of which have been addressed in subsequent patches) and praises alike (respectable sites such as Destructoid and Escapist gave us high marks).  Sales were ok (being in several bundles helped tremendously) but, ultimately, our small studio was shuttered by our parent company approximately 6 months later.

Our dream of continuing on with SOL: Episode 2 was shattered.

Fast forward to about 4 months ago.

It dawned on me that I really wanted to try and take SOL back and A) fix all the lingering issues with the Steam version, B) bring it to next-gen consoles, and C) reunite with the old team who believed in my vision for an accessible space shooter in the first place!   So I set out do just that.  I contacted the owners of the IP and they agreed that it was time SOL came back to its original stewards. Most of the old team has been reunited under the Bit Planet Games, LLC banner.  And most importantly we are now deep in development of a much enhanced version of the game.

So what does enhanced actually mean?  How does this sound…

  • Brand new ship physics!  Ships have real momentum now and can no longer turn on a dime.  While it’s not true Newtonian physics, persay. It is our attempt at blending realism while staying true to the accessible nature of the game.
  • Brand new flyable ship (complete with new cockpit and new abilities) fully integrated into the main campaign!
  • Brand new missions integrated into the campaign.  Many existing missions have also been completely overhauled.
  • Completely revamped story with new VO recorded by our same great cast.
  • Every environment is getting a fresh coat of paint.
  • New 3D radar!  We admit our old radar was craptastic.
  • New ship subsystem controls!  Players will be able to freely transfer energy from weapons to afterburners (and vice versa).  They can also spend energy to slowly repair their ships hull integrity in mid-flight!
  • And so, so much more (which we’ll reveal a little later).

Honestly, it’s almost an entirely new game!

We’re not quite ready to announce when you’ll get a chance to check out all of this shiny, new content but we will soon.  We’re anxious to get this out there just as you are to climb back into a virtual cockpit and blow the Children of Dawn to kingdom come!

Stay tuned!!!

Christopher Stockman

Studio Director

Bit Planet Games, LLC