When we acquired the SOL: Exodus IP early last year our initial plan was to just make some improvements to the original game and release it on the Playstation 4.  Easy peasy, right?  WRONG.

For various reasons we were forced to abandon our original plans and ended up making something far, FAR more ambitious (for our tiny team).

We remade the entire game.

What exactly does that mean?  Here’s a bulleted list of everything that changed.

– Rescaled all our ship assets

– Completely redesigned the COD Carrier to make it far more menacing.

– All new visual FX.

– All new music and sound FX.

– All new VO and story featuring some returning and new talent.

– Revamped our game mechanics (ship energy management, wingmen orders) and flight physics. 

– All new flyable ship fully integrated in the campaign.

– Over 20 missions – built from scratch – to take advantage of our new game systems,

– Multiple types of missiles.

– Countermeasures

– Full gamepad support

– All new (absolutely gorgeous) environments.

– All new space stations.

– New medal system to promote replayability

– Reworked our AI to make them far more dangerous.

– Every aspect of the game has been rebalanced


This really was a massive undertaking by all parties involved.  However, even though we’ve officially launched on Steam we’re not done yet.  In a week or so we’ll start talking about our next project (as well as continue supporting The Battle of Sol) so please stay tuned to our Steam forums and this website.

We’re just getting started.  🙂



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