Month: February 2022

Patch 2 of 3 now LIVE!

Patch Notes: — Doubled resolution of cockpit textures. — Improved cockpit lighting ̵...[Read More]

Patch 1 of 2 this week is now LIVE!

Here are the build notes: — Balloon rush unlocks right after you get the Ultralight license no...[Read More]

We Hate Bugs.

Many, many moons ago I worked for a company called Bug Busters and, previously before that, I starte...[Read More]

Game Update is now LIVE!

Here are the build notes! — Retry appears on the tablet during the crash sequence! Tap on it t...[Read More]

Development Roadmap!

I’ll keep this post (relatively) short and sweet. Meta Quest 2 version launched today. You can...[Read More]