Cheat Code Added!

Hey all, Update to the latest version of the Meta Quest 2 version of Ultrawings 2 and you can now gi...[Read More]

Ultrawings 2 Game Update (9/2/22)

Build notes: — Added the ability to skip landing in almost all missions in the game. The catch...[Read More]

Game Update May 11, 2022!

Today we pushed out an update that features the much requested fast travel ability. However, in orde...[Read More]

Mea Culpa!

We recently added purchasable upgrades to all aircraft in the form of unlimited ammo and fuel. The o...[Read More]

Multiplayer Instructions

Ultrawings 2 shipped with Multiplayer in a very recent patch. However, right now, it’s hidden ...[Read More]

Patch Notes for 4/7/22

— Fixed texture issues on aircraft that was only visible at night. — Aircraft upgrades c...[Read More]

Substantial Ultrawings 2 Quest 2 Update now LIVE!

Over the past two months we’ve made many improvements to Ultrawings 2 (cockpit visual upgrades...[Read More]

Patch 2 of 3 now LIVE!

Patch Notes: — Doubled resolution of cockpit textures. — Improved cockpit lighting ̵...[Read More]

We Hate Bugs.

Many, many moons ago I worked for a company called Bug Busters and, previously before that, I starte...[Read More]

Game Update is now LIVE!

Here are the build notes! — Retry appears on the tablet during the crash sequence! Tap on it t...[Read More]

HOTAS Support!

Did you know Ultrawings and Ultrawings Flat supports a variety of HOTAS and rudder pedals (on PS4 an...[Read More]

Ultrawings FLAT

Hey all! Sometimes we get so busy that we forget we have a website that needs updating. A few weeks ...[Read More]