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Patch Notes for 4/7/22

— Fixed texture issues on aircraft that was only visible at night.
— Aircraft upgrades can now only be purchased once you own an International Airport. This was implemented to prevent situations where you could buy upgrades and not have enough money to progress. Due to this issue we also reset all current upgrades and refunded the amount they cost. You’ll need to purchase them again.
— Refunded money to those that purchased aircraft when it wasn’t unlocked yet.
— Fixed issue where enemy planes that are attacking the Bomber during Air Defense would switch targets if attacked.
— You will now earn more money on some jobs.
— Misc. balancing tweaks.

KNOWN ISSUE: Upgrades are not saving once purchased. This means when you exit the game you will lose your purchased upgrades and will be refunded that money. This will be fixed in the next update.

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