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Mea Culpa!

We recently added purchasable upgrades to all aircraft in the form of unlimited ammo and fuel. The original idea behind these upgrades is that we wanted to give players something to purchase at the endgame with A) the large amount of money left over and B) to make getting that awesome 100% achievement and accompanied in-game trophy a little easier.

But our implementation of this system was hastily done and, honestly, not well thought out. We inadvertently introduced a situation where you could buy a bunch of upgrades and find yourself unable to buy anything else in the game. We call this a progression blocker and, obviously, this should never, ever happen.

So with today’s update all aircraft upgrades are now unlocked and purchasable AFTER players complete the final Ops mission in the game. If you’ve purchased an upgrade without completing the last Ops mission that money has been refunded to you.

All the Ops and, to some extent, jobs in the game were meticulously designed around the amount of ammo and fuel you are equipped with. The upgrades, naturally, completely obliterate that balance. While we love the idea behind the upgrades we think making them available as a reward, of sorts, for completing the last Ops mission makes the most sense to preserve the original design of the game.

With all that said we’ve noticed a common complaint that the Comet missions are way too hard so we doubled the amount of ammo you have for all of them.

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