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bit planet / Updates

Game Update is now LIVE!

Here are the build notes!

— Retry appears on the tablet during the crash sequence! Tap on it to instantly retry a mission or don’t to go back to your airport.
— Tips icon has been added to the upper right corner of the Login screen. You can scroll through all of the tips at your leisure.
— Waypoint icons have been added to the compass that will inform you of where to land at the end of a mission.
— Money percentages have been changed so that you earn more money for Bronze and Silver medals.
— Early game mission difficulty has been reduced.
— Comet bullet accuracy has been improved.
— Achievements now work! Any achievement you’ve already earned will be instantly unlocked.
— You can disable the targeting reticle for added immersion via the Options menu, if you want.
— New balloon pop missions, Touch and Go (Dragonfly), and a Drone Chase mission have been added. Yes, that means getting to 100% will take even longer now. Sorry, not sorry. 🙂
— New music that will play during key end-game Ops missions has been added.
— Reduced prices of some offices to make getting to them feel less of a grind.
— New icon over persistent enemies that have returned from a previous mission is now visible.
— Fixed some ambient vehicle behaviors.
— Added additional tutorial text boxes for using your index finger to interact with switches.

As always, if you run across any issues please don’t hesitate to drop us a note at

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